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This page shows how dyno results can change from time to time. Run 033 is from April, Run 006 is from August. Large difference in ambient conditions and both these results are SAE corrected. Uncorrected results show the same relationships.

The bike still has the Thunderheader, the SE air cleaner has been replaced by a Force Winder. The Force Winder flows less air than the SE Air Cleaner on the bench. However it will still flow more air than the heads are capable of using, or so the story goes.

Also the #42 slow jet has been swapped out with a #45 slow jet. This immediately made the bike more responsive in the low end. Indicating that I've been running lean for a long time with the #42. I do mean significantly more responsive! The main jet is still the drilled out #200 which is supposed to be a #205. Also the spark plugs have been replaced within the last 20 miles of the August Dyno runs.

The Dyno had undergone a software upgrade. Included in that upgrade may of been a recalibration of the dyno. So one will see differences between the April run 033 and the August Run 006. (We started the numbers over with the new software.

So here we establish a new baseline. The peak numbers are now different. Highly doubtful is that the Force Winder added any horsepower. The old plugs were still in "new" shape with another 5000 miles put on them after the April run so I don't think that will account for the difference.
The slow jet change could account for the increase below 2500RPM.



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